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Frequently Asked Questions

Things will start to change. They may happen on a subtle level. For example your happiness may increase or your attitude to life may alter. Things may also happen in a more tangible way, such as an unexpected phone call with a job offer, or an invitation to a party.
Pyramid or PyraVastu is not a form of magic. It works on the scientific principles of space and mind, and will have an effect whether or not people can feel it or know that it is being used. But if a positive mind and a strong faith are added it can give miraculous results.
Pyramids can give immediate and dramatic effects, but it can also take time. Possibly the process is connected to our ability to adapt to change. Pyramids can help you get the most out of your life. But just as good health needs careful attention to diet, exercise and lifestyle, Pyramids will require a little time before you see dramatic results.
Yes, it can definitely be measured. There are many types of tools and equipment such as Kirlian photography machine, Biosensor equipment and Bio-force meter. Also some simple instruments like dowsing pendulum and 'L' & 'Y' rods. But these need good experience and knowledge to handle.
I need not answer this question. Let the results speak. By today more than 2.5 million people are connected with this PyraNet and have discovered a new way to health, prosperity and power! But do not go by my words, just try out a simple pyramid yantra experiment and expect a miracle.
PyraNet is a network of millions of Pyramid Yantra, developed by Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt and used by millions worldwide. So when you learn and use a Pyramid Yantra you become a part of this huge revolution. When each Pyramid Yantra communicates with the other and makes a huge energy network, results are automatic. Now as you are the part of this network and whenever you use or fix a Pyramid Yantra developed by Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt you start getting results due to the power of this huge positive network!
Hydrogen combined with oxygen is equal to life giving water, in the same manner this new method Pyramid Yantra is a powerful combination of pyramids and yantras. This power formula has no limitation like that of pyramid and yantra. So it can be placed in the pocket or on the wall or also on a vehicle. It can be made more personalized and can be placed underground for long duration without corrosion. Also Pyramid Yantra is a pure universal science for the common man and can be adapted by all religions or systems.
As we are working on a more subtle level, the 'space'- akash-tatva is more important than the material used. Though the most ideal material in which a Pyramid yantra has to be made must be natural, as stone of the Great Pyramid, But we need 91 different chambers of Vastu and practically they cannot be created accurately in stone. So Neutron Polymer is used.
Pyramid Yantra are not 'only' yantra but a powerful combination of both pyramid and yantra. They work on advance principles of space and information. Also when we study pyramids, not a single is made of metal. They are either of stone or some non-conducting material only. So whereas traditional yantras can be made in metal but not Pyramid Yantra
Micro is more powerful than gross and mind is more powerful than matter. So you can get fantastic results by a small PyraChip if you have programmed it adequately with pure love and intense will. But practically speaking numbers do matter if the defect is in bigger area or intensity, the numbers of pyramids may increase.