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Pyra Fire Pyramid Yantras

Pyramid Yantras for abundance of Health, Wealth & Prosperity

In the ancient times, pyramids were known as a powerful design that connects the energy forces. It was also known to possess healing qualities. According to metaphysical studies, pyramid structure and its four sloping sides neutralize the negative energy by filling the surrounding with positive energy.

Pyramid Yantra is a new, dynamic and result-oriented system. You can now discover easy and quick path to wealth, health and well-being. This revolutionary technique can surely help you turn your dreams into reality at- home, office or factory. Today, more than 4.2 million pyramids are used worldwide.

Do not go by the words, try it yourself!

Pyra Fire

Pyra Fire

Pyra Fire contains plate at bottom for earth energy with power of three layers of pyramid, 8 gold pyramids and copper chamber. Pyra Fire purifies the atmosphere and harmonizes the space by removing negativity.Performing Pyra Fire in following shapes invokes

Prosperity, Growth, & Performance  Success, Prosperity, Growth, & Performance
Marriage, Children, Spouse & Love  Marriage, Children, Spouse & Love
Well-being, satisfaction, & fast results  Well-being, satisfaction, & fast results
Protection, Removes fears & Negativity  Protection, Removes fears & Negativity
Gain of Money, Income & Fortune  Gain of Money, Income & Fortune