Work Approach

Work Approach

Akshay Vastu Work Process

At Akshay Vastu, we follow a transparent work approach with in-depth analysis of vastu and life problems to deliver the exact solution for harmonious living and complete peace of mind.

1. Client Visit

We carefully understand the problem, go through vastu floor plan and then give the consultation and remedies to overcome them.

2. Identifying Vastu Dosh

In this phase we have a detailed discussion on various issues faced by our clients to identify the source of the problem.

3. Analysing Vastu Floor Plan

Clients email us the soft copy or provide us the hard copy of the vastu floor plans or sitemap with marked directions. This helps us to understand the defects in the vastu that is causing problems in the lives of the people residing in the house. With complete knowledge of the problem and its source we formulate the exact solution with the help of pyramid vastu to rectify it.

Akshay Vastu Work Process
4. Site Visit

Site visit is done in case if the floor plan is not sufficient to understand the root cause of the issues. During site visits we examine the vastu topography along with its direction and environment. The benefits of site visits are exclusively for owner who can interact deeply about their plot and defects in order to gain maximum advantage.

5. Vastu Evaluation Report

At Akshay Vastu, after a deep analysis of the data we submit a report with detailed explanation of necessary vastu corrections. This report highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the vastu along with the necessary remedies and other vastu recommendations.

6. Finalizing Vastu Solution

In this stage we thoroughly discuss the remedies and recommendations as mentioned in the report to overcome the long hailing issues. We answer all your questions to address all of your doubts and queries. According to the solution mentioned in the report, pyramids and yantras are selected to remove all the inherent vastu faults and their ill-effects by generating positive energy in the vastu.

7. Implementation

While implementing pyramid vastu we again carefully study the directions of the house to find the perfect location where these pyramids will be installed. We suggest pyramid vastu corrections without any alterations or demolition of the building structure.

8. Harmonious Living

You would have repeatedly heard- Harmonious Living is where the future lies. With effective scientific Pyra vastu technique one can easily experience complete peace of mind.