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Industrial Vastu

Industrial Vastu

We are specialist in Industrial layout planning and corrections for Existing factories as well as for new factories. We cater to Machine shops, Press Shops, Assembly units, plastic and rubber industries, cement industries and much more. Perfect planning of your industrial premises will assist you in gaining competitive advantage by improving sales, continuous growth, higher operator efficiency, lower rejection PPM.

New Factory set up :

If you are planning to set up a new factory or planning for expansion, we are here to provide you complete vastu compliance consultancy right from land selection. This will cover mainly:

New Factory set up

Factory sectional layout

i. Factory sectional layout :

It is very important to have various sections such as Finished Goods, Assembly area, machine shops, Quality and inspection area, Office at their proper locations as per directions in order to have smooth functioning of all the sections. E.g. In order to have fast moment of finished goods, finished goods should be stored at North-west zone of the premises.

ii. Machine layout :

Machine layout consultation will take into consideration type of operation, inputs and outputs, weight of machine, criticality of operations and process flow. This will also cover operators facing while performing operations.

iii. Utility planning :

Far smooth running of any industries utility such as Compressors, Generators etc are equally important. We assist you in proper placement of all such utilities.

iv. Office layout :

Office layout and sitting arrangements are equally important in proper functioning of industries. Proper placements of various departments will ensure harmonious relations, efficiency and aligned efforts towards organisational goals. We help you in staff facing, sitting arrangement as per department and hierarchy. Rather than providing standard template, we first understands clients operation methodology and provide consultation based on the same, so that it will give good and fast results.

Office layout

Existing Factories :

Based on our experience for more than 16 years and having core industrial experience, I have observed, in existing setups, it is extremely difficult to set up as per vastu as any physical changes has lot of cost impact as well it involves loss of production during alterations. Another aspects if main entry, slopes, toilets etc are not proper, client will start getting operational difficulties. We have strong methodology to understand problems and provide solutions which includes no physical alteration. Solution is based on energy balancing with the help of proper placements of various pyramids.